Brand Ambassadors

Carla Nelson Chambers 03.31.2022.jpgCarla Nelson of The Nelson Ideation Group Overview of Company
The Nelson Ideation Group, LLC provides management consulting services to public and private sector clients, specializing in appraising diverse certified firms to meet our clients’ need. As Ideation experts, we create business opportunities and provide comprehensive, cost-effective management solutions to implement our clients’ ideas and projects, positioning them to be competitive on a local, regional and/or national basis. Our extensive experience in corporate, government and P3 development projects uniquely qualifies us to cultivate critical relationships and create strategic alliances with diverse certified firms, along with developing best practices when needed for those we commit to serve. We are passionate about the growth and success of our clients.

Key Contributions to EBDI
We are EBDI’s Economic Inclusion Compliance Monitor, responsible to work in conjunction with EBDI’s developers, sub-developers, prime contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, engineers and professional service entities to ensure that all applicable projects and contracts in the project area comply with the EBDI Economic Inclusion Policy to allow them to make good faith efforts to fully achieve or exceed the subcontracting and local hiring goals established by EBDI, applicable City Ordinances, state laws, and federal laws. We participate in meetings with EBDI’s contractors to discuss our role as the 3rdparty monitor, along with the process and procedures associated with monitoring effort and other services provided within EBDI’s Economic Inclusion Policy Plan.

Why I Love Being a Brand Ambassador
I am passionate about our work to extend opportunities to small, minority, women-owned businesses on behalf of our clients and customers. I am a collaborator of like-minded entrepreneurs. Our network of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and professional service providers is a key component to our success. When we win we bring our partners to join our success.

How to Find Us
You can reach us through our website at