Board of Directors

Ben Baylor
Community Board Member

Laura Boydston
Board Member - Legg Mason

Councilman Warren Branch
Ex-officio - Baltimore City Council

Delegate Talmadge Branch
Ex-officio - State of Maryland

Ryan Chao
Board Member - The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Ronald J. Daniels
Board Member - President, Johns Hopkins University

Commissioner Paul T. Graziano
Ex-Offico - Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development

Anthony Hawkins
Board Member

Jeanne Hitchcock
Board Member - Johns Hopkins University

Nathan Irby
Community Board Member

Charlotte Johnson
Community Board Member

Gavin Johnson
Community Board Member

Anthony G. King
Board Member - King King Associates

Patrick McCarthy
Board Member - President, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Abe Rosenthal
Board Member

Honorable Boyd K. Rutherford
Ex-Officio - Maryland State Lt. Governor

Councilman Carl Stokes
Ex-Officio - Baltimore City Council

Colin Tarbert
Board Member - Baltimore City
Maurice Walker
Board Member - Birch Partners
Thurman Zollicoffer, Jr. - Board Chair
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP