Affordable Housing
Since its inception, EBDI has been dedicated to providing affordable housing opportunities to legacy residents and new residents in Eager Park. When completed, the EBDI neighborhood will have an estimated 1,700 housing units and one-third will be affordable to homeowners and renters.

Community Reinvestment Fund*
EBDI is creating a loan and grant fund to support small and minority businesses and workforce development initiatives aimed at East Baltimore businesses, residents and community-based organizations.

Digital Equity & Access*
EBDI is working with local partners to decrease the Digital Divide in Eager Park and the surrounding East Baltimore communities. EBDI aims to increase residents’ access to broadband internet, computers and technology educational opportunities.

Economic Inclusion
EBDI is dedicated to increasing hiring opportunities for East Baltimore and Baltimore City residents. EBDI has also set and achieved higher participation targets for minority-, women- and locally-owned companies than ever before. Economic inclusion at all levels of development is a bedrock principle of EBDI.

Food Access & Programming*
EBDI is pursuing a grocery store and implementing other healthy food options for Eager Park and the surrounding communities, including fresh produce donations and a farmer’s market.

Minority Development & Equity
From inception, EBDI set goals for the first time in Baltimore City that expanded on the traditional goals that organizations set for minority participation in design and construction to include minority and women developers and equity owners. Eager Park, among major Baltimore City redevelopment projects, is the first to emphasize and cultivate non-majority participation in all aspects of development, including ownership.

Opportunity to Return
Fulfilling a commitment made at the project’s beginning, EBDI is helping relocated homeowners and renters return to Eager Park by defraying closing and moving costs, narrowing financing gaps and ensuring a supply of affordable houses.

Public Arts & Placemaking*
EBDI is collaborating with local artists and the Eager Park community to bring vibrancy and cultural inclusion to the neighborhood. The core pillars of our Public Arts & Placemaking workgroup are: Celebration of Local History, Community and Social Justice.

* The targeted geographical area for our Core Value programs has the following boundaries:
Asquith Street on the west, North Avenue on the north, Edison Highway on the east
and Fayette Street on the south.