Science and Technology Park

The 31-acre Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins provides your life science firm, whether early stage or mature, with a unique opportunity for collaboration and direct access to the Johns Hopkins medical and research complex, its facilities, and its scientists - as well as the optimal entry point into the U.S. life science market.

The 31-acre Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins will offer state-of-the art laboratory facilities that support the sophisticated research requirements of today's most cutting-edge corporations and institutions. Initially planned for 1.1 million square feet in five buildings, with future phases that could support additional expansion, the Park can provide for a company's current needs and offer flexible opportunities for long-term growth, all with immediate proximity to the resources and critical mass of America's most respected medical institution.

The Science + Technology Park at Johns Hopkins offers:

  • 1.1 million square feet of lab and office space meeting the requirements of emerging and established research organizations
  • Seamless access to Johns Hopkins scientists and facilities
  • New housing, shops, restaurants, parking, and other amenitiesA vibrant, safe, 24/7 community setting

The result is a great community, next door to a world-class research institution, in the heart of a fantastic city.

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